Who We Provide Flooring Services To

We Provide Floor Inspection Services to:

Service Areas

The Floor Inspector is based in Mississauga, ON & provides service across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. We can also provide flooring inspection and concrete moisture testing services to out-of-province clients across Canada and even the United States.

The Floor Inspector has the experience, training, skills and equipment necessary to assist you with:

  • Selecting the right flooring material
  • Specifying optimal installation conditions
  • Pre-delivery and/or pre-installation site condition evaluation
  • Determining the cause(s) of flooring issues
  • Determining who is responsible for a flooring issue
  • Presenting options for resolving your flooring issues

Different clients have different requirements. Here are some examples of how The Floor Inspector can help address them:


The Floor Inspector can assist homeowners in two ways.

First:   Homeowners can consult with The Floor Inspector prior to the purchase and installation of their new floor to receive insight, advice and a recommendation on the type of flooring that would best meet their needs.

Second:   If the homeowner’s floor has already been installed and an issue is now occurring, The Floor Inspector can conduct an unbiased investigation and determine the cause of the problem.

Architects and Designers

With the myriad of options available today, specifying the right flooring choice for residential and commercial projects has never been more challenging for architects and designers. They can gain additional peace of mind by consulting with The Floor Inspector. We can assist in selecting the material that will best achieve the aesthetic and functional requirements desired, as well as advise on the proper installation specifications. In addition, when a flooring issue arises after a floor has been installed, The Floor Inspector can be engaged to investigate and provide an unbiased assessment of the cause.

Insurance Companies

When a client makes an insurance claim involving damaged flooring or damage caused by a flooring issue, claims adjusters require an impartial assessment of the situation conducted by a flooring expert. The Floor Inspector is the solution. Insurance claims adjusters can rely on The Floor Inspector to pro-vide an unbiased, detailed report that will confirm the cause of the issue, who is responsible and what the estimated cost of replacement would be to rectify the damage.

Manufacturers and Distributors

If a flooring manufacturer or distributor receives a complaint from a customer, they have two options: one, they can inspect the jobsite themselves or two, they can have an independent, third party, such as The Floor Inspector, do it for them. Having The Floor Inspector assess the complaint will provide the manufacturer or distributor with an objective, factual assessment of the situation.

Customers will also appreciate The Floor Inspector being on site, as the willingness to involve an independent, third-party inspector will underscore how seriously the manufacturer or distributor takes customer complaints and values an unbiased opinion.

Contractors and Builders

Tight timelines can sometimes pressure contractors and builders to move forward with an installation even though the site conditions may be unfavourable. Prior to, or during the installation process, the contractor or builder may also discover that the flooring has a manufacturing defect or the wrong product has been supplied. Arrange for an unbiased, second opinion by hiring The Floor Inspector. We can conduct a jobsite-readiness inspection, confirm the acclimation time materials require, assess the flooring material and summarize our findings in a written report the contractor or builder can refer to when discussing the situation with their client.

If your situation revolves around a post-installation issue or dispute, The Floor Inspector can assist you with this as well. Engage us to provide a neutral perspective on the cause of the flooring problem, who is responsible and what steps can be taken to rectify it.

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