Flooring Inspection & Concrete Moisture Testing Services

Flooring inspection services

The Floor Inspector is available for certified floor inspection and consultation services prior to the purchase and installation of flooring or post-installation when a flooring issue has arisen.

With our vast experience, proven expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, The Floor Inspector has the capability to inspect, test and advise clients regarding a variety of flooring types. We service the Greater Toronto Area & can also visit job sites across Ontario and Canada. Our floor inspection services include:

Wood, Laminate and Resilient Flooring Inspection

  • Assist in choosing the correct product for the application
  • Test for ideal site conditions prior to the floor being installed
  • Determine if there is a product, installation or site-related concern
  • Serve as an expert witness if required

Concrete Slab Moisture Testing

Excess moisture in a concrete slab can lead to failure of the finished flooring.

To ensure the concrete slab floor meets the flooring manufacturer’s specification, moisture testing should be conducted prior to installation. Using industry-approved, ASTM testing methods, The Floor Inspector can confirm the moisture levels of the concrete slab.

Depending on the situation, the concrete moisture testing procedure will include some or all of the following:

  • ASTM F2170 Standard testing method for Relative Humidity (RH), using Wagner Rapid RH equipment for fast, accurate results in as little as 24 hours
  • Calcium Chloride MVER Testing
  • Non-evasive surface testing
  • Ph testing of slab surface

Expert witness for flooring disputes

In many cases the key to resolving a flooring dispute claim comes down to the quality of the expert testimony. The Floor Inspector has served as floor expert witness on a number of cases. Lawyers and paralegals appreciate the thoroughness with which we conduct our flooring inspections, the insight we provide in our reports, and our ability to communicate our findings and opinions clearly and concisely to the court.

Concrete Moisture Testing

Make your case even stronger.